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This is another oldie but goodie, the story is a couple of years old. I actually totally forgot about this crazy one. But one of the other managers brought it up Friday afternoon. So here we go.

Well I get in to the warehouse today, and usually the first thing I do is walk the floor. I will check in with the day shift crew leads, see how their numbers are looking for the day, and just say hi to the guys, and see how things look out there. You can’t leave the fellas unattended for to long, because they will start hiding in corners, eat, or even plot to steal. I notice a couple of new faces, and I make a mental note to introduce myself.

So I start doing my rounds, and I hear a LOUD crash, then another. So I walk towards the sound. I see one of the new guys down stacking these dining room chairs. But instead of gentley bringing down these 20 lb boxes, he is pushing them off the top stack and letting them fall. So I tell him be careful with that furniture, if you cant carry something by yourself ask for help. He replies, FUCK YOU! You aren’t my boss so don’t fucking worry about what the fuck I am doing. Now this dumb ass should of learned who ran this place before he started mouthing off. This Miklo looking mufucka did not start work TODAY, then come in and say some stupid shit to me. FUCK THAT! I don’t care if he doesn’t know that I run shit around here, he shouldn’t be talking to anyone like that. Especially on his first day.

So I tell Miklo as nicely as I can. Well you know what I don’t care what your name is now, go to the time clock and clock out. Come in tomorrow for your last paycheck because you no longer have a job. So right away Miklo apologizes and says he didn’t know who I was, and he thought I was a regular employee giving him a hard time. I tell him even if I was an hourly employee you don’t need anyone working here who is going to talk to my employees like that, and then repeated he needed to GET THE FUCK OUT!


So Miklo takes off, and I notify HR about him no longer having a job, and fill out all the necessary paper work to go along with his termination. This is the best part, if you quit or get fired before you pass your 90 day probation you have to reimburse us for your physical and drug test. All new hires know this, we explain to them and have them sign some literature. Well the dumb ass worked 6 hours. 6 hours @ $9 an hour = $54, and our drug test and physical cost $80. So he will not be paid a dime.

The moral of the story kids is, don’t mess with El Guapo.



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Just wanted to share a small update on my boy Lance. For those who don’t remember him read up on him Here.

well he wanted me to get him on Pimp My Ride. It sounded like a great idea, so I took some pictures of his ride, and got to work on a letter to send MTV. Turns out he is to old to get on the show. Sorry Lance. But lucky for you guys I do have the pictures of his car, and here they are.


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Recently the office was doing lay offs, and I have needed an assistant at night for a minute. So I figure I would help out one of these girls and see if she would like to be my assistant. One of the girls I knew pretty well, and she was a hard worker, and seemed smart enough. I grabbed her and asked if she would like to be my assistant at night. Her schedule would be 11-7. Guaranteed 40 a week, and she would get a $1 pay increase for being here at night. She was all for it.

So she been helping me out this last week. Now this is not a difficult job. It requires organizational skills, BASIC computer skills, and the ability to think on your feet and solve problems. All she would have to do is schedule incoming deliveries, file paperwork, and coordinate departure times for drivers leaving. I do all this shit while watching EVERYTHING getting offloaded and unloaded. Dealing with 15 whining and bitching warehouse guys, and 3 girls in the office. Plus handling a shit load of paperwork and reports.

This dumb ass been fucking up all week. No big deal, its kind of a lot to deal with at first. You gotta get the flow of everything then you will get the hang of it. Last night I was swamped, I am out on the floor checking some freight that we stripped, and I need more information. So I call her desk and she ain’t answering. So I run across our 150,000 sq ft warehouse get to her desk. Bitch is on the phone with a friend, chillin’ on myspace. I told her I didn’t mind if she made personal phone calls once in a while, and went on the internet during her down time. But she better be caught up on her work, and she better take my call when i am calling her. I told her she didn’t know her job well enough to be on the phone right now, so she needs to save that for breaks and lunches. Strike one.

Well today she takes lunch at 2pm. She comes in from lunch with a big box of Chinese take out. Sits it on her desk, clocks in, and then opens it up and eats it. This is after her 1 hour had passed. Then grabs the phone and calls someone. I see and walk over and ask what she is doing eating lunch at her desk, and talking on the phone? Oh I had to run some errands at lunch so I didn’t have time to eat. Not my fault, you had an hour lunch is over put the food away and get to work, and get off the phone. Thats the last time I am gonna tell you. Strike two.

Now its 6:30pm and i have 3 drivers in my warehouse looking for me because they still don’t know what they are supposed to be taking and when they are leaving. They should of been notified by 5pm at the latest. I walk into her office, and she is on the phone with myspace up. FUCK THAT! I clicked cancel on the phone. Asked her about the drivers, oops I forgot. I then proceed to click the x at the top right corner of her screen. I tell her she can leave now, and be in tomorrow to pick up her last check. Strike three, YOU’RE OUT BITCH! Then she starts crying and telling me how she needs the job and has a kid, BOO FUCKING HOO. Stupid bitch you should of thought about that when you were on myspace and talking on the phone earlier. FUCK OUTTA HERE!


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