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dude that moves trailers around for me at night, just came and told me he saw some dude standing in the middle of our back parking lot, and some chick was on her knee’s dropping knowledge. IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EMPTY PARKING LOT!! He told dude to leave, dude told him 1 minute. Then he said he was calling the cops, so they ran off. Man I swear this shit is out of control.


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So this driver who has an appointment to deliver tomorrow morning gets here early. He comes to my office and asks if we could unload his shit tonight. I told him no, his appointment is tomorrow @ 8am, so thats when he will get unloaded.

So dude walks out then comes right back in and asks if he can leave his trailer here for a few hours. I told him no, I don’t want to be responsible for his trailer.

So dude walks out again and comes back in. Hey do you know where I can buy some pussy? What? Do you know where I can buy some pussy? I cant wait until tomorrow for pussy, I need some right now.

I have been working in the transportation industry for 4 years now. Truck drivers getting prostitutes is a running joke around here. But I have never had someone ask me where to find some girls at. I either I look like someone who has to pay for sex, or he just does not give a fuck. I think I will go with the latter.

So I direct him to one of the infamous hoe strolls in our area, told him to be careful because the cops do stings every weekend. He thanked me and went on his way, and just dropped his trailer on the street and left. Lucky for him he returned before we went home for the night so my yard guy was able to keep an eye on it for him.


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Dude named Juan comes in to work today with his pets. I guess he had been telling the guys all week about his pet turtles so he decided to bring in a couple of them. I take a look and notice right away that they are tortoises not turtles. I start looking at them closer and they look like a familiar breed. One of the other guys on my crew comes up to me and says aren’t those, them endangered desert tortoises? Light bulb goes off in my head. Thats why they look familiar. I remember seeing stories on them on the local news a while back.

So I head into my office to find a picture of those good old tortoises. I love the internet. I pull up a few pictures and articles. Turns out my boy Juan has 2 protected turtles with him. Juan also claims to have 6 more at home!!!!

Of course I ask how he gets them. Turns out he takes his dirt bikes out to the desert, and his kids always find them while they play. They always end up bringing them home.

Of course I am looking to see if I can get a reward to turn his ass in. If the price is right he might be doing some time. But only in my warehouse would a muthafucka be chillin’ with some endangered species at his crib. Tomorrow Juan is bringing lunch for everyone. Bald Eagle omellete’s.


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