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This story is a bit older. But since I didn’t update for over a month, I feel like I owe my readers. So this one is for the both of you.

So there is this guy in my warehouse who we shall call Mike, is messing with this lady in the office. I didn’t notice at first. But then my lead pointed out to me, how at lunch he always walks to the parking lot to the abandoned warehouse across the street. Which coincidentally is blocked off by a 15 foot concrete wall. Now good Mike is with another lady. She actually drops him off for work everyday. We all know her, and she knows us. I know the lady in the office knows her, but she doesn’t care.

So one night I head out to my car about 10 minutes before lunch. I notice a car pulling into the parking lot across the street. I just kind of laughed it off. Of course Mike comes back from lunch that day happy as shit. Well the following day the lady in the office that Mike is breaking off © musiq tells me the warehouse guys have been working EXTRA HARD lately. So she is gonna buy them lunch.

A few weeks go by and the guys on my crew are starting to make comments about Mike and his little fling. They start telling him he needs to smash again so they can have pizza. Its pretty much out in the open that he is banging old girl in the office. But only the warehouse knows. Nobody on the day shift or the office know.

Well its a new day and its about 10 minutes until our first break. When a pizza delivery man shows up and he says he has a delivery for Mike. So I go to call Mike up, so he can pay the man. Then the delivery guy says no don’t worry the pizza has already been paid for by “lady in the office”!!!! So I grab it and walk towards my office to hold it until break. Right away I notice on the box is a note written in marker.

“last night you were amazing
thanks for the good time.”


So I guess this is what’s hot in the streets these days? I gave the box to Mike but I covered the note with notebook paper so the rest of the crew wouldn’t see it and give him a hard time. Once he saw the note he got rid of the evidence really quick. But to this day she still has pizza, in n out, or mickey d’s sent over for him during break or lunch.


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dame mas gasolina


Well came in today, and I still hadn’t decided what I was gonna do with Lance. So I was gonna holla at my boss. Give him final call on it. I got to work 2 hours early, I walk into his office. Oh shit you’re early, good, I wanted to talk to you about something. Then he tells me that one of our drivers who was in his tractor last night in our yard noticed someone jumping the fence and stealing gas out of our company truck. But he couldn’t make out who it was. Boss asks me if I know who it might be.

I give him the whole story, told him I hadn’t decided if I wanted to fire him over it or just suspend him. But now after hearing that we have to. He agreed.

Lance gets to work around 3:30pm and his check is ready and paperwork had been completed. I called him into the office and he starts pleading his case right away. How he would never think of doing it again, he values his job, he doesn’t want to be that guy I cant trust. Then I stopped him and said a driver saw him jumping the fence last night after we had all gone home. After I talked to you last night, you still went ahead and did it. I let him know I was leaning towards letting him keep his job. But now he is just as bad as anyone else who has stolen from us. Wished him well, and told him I would give him a good reference, but I wouldn’t lie about if he is eligible for rehire. Dude cried and left.

I know we did the right thing, but shit was still hard. When he started crying I almost did too. Lance was a hard working mufucka. He is smart, and is a very likeable person. Everyone here loves him. He always came to work with a smile, and was nice to everyone. But I cant have people stealing in my warehouse. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere else.


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ok yall i got some heavy shit on my mind right now. So yall know old dude with the 10 kids, who’s car got fucked up cuz his girl wrecked it. Well if not educate yourself here. His name is “Lance”. Anyways dude has been driving his bucket to work for some time now. But since gas prices have went up he is having a hard time keeping gas in it. Now I was helping him and a few guys out with $10 here and a $20 there. But I got tired of it. I felt I was enabling them to be stupid with money. No matter how much I helped they were always in the same spot the following month. So I cut everyone off.

For the last month I have had to hear this mufucka complain about everything. No money for thanksgiving dinner, no money for gas, no money for ciggs, etc. Shit I dont even take lunch or break with the crew no more. Cuz its a big sob fest. I ain’t falling for it.

Well earlier today dude was complaining about not having gas money to make it through the week. Of course he was conveniently within ear shot of me. I walked away.

Well I went to lunch a few minutes after the guys cuz I was finishing up some paperwork I had on my desk. I head over to my car to grab my lunch, and I notice that once I hit the parking lot he turns around and goes back to his car. I don’t think anything of it, cuz dude is one of my best workers, and really trust worthy. So I grab my lunch and head back to my office, and start making my sammich. Which was off the hook I might add. I realized oops I forgot my tea. So I head back to my car and I notice someone in our yard, holding a plastic gas can. This is really weird because we only have tractors in our yard that run on diesel. So I follow dude until he stops at our company truck, a nissan. He then sets the can down and pulls a water hose out and goes to open the gas cap. It’s Lance.

I yell Lance, what are you doing? Dude stops dead in his tracks. Then he just tells me I don’t have the money to make it to work for the week, I need some gas. I said you are gonna risk your job over $20 in gas? He just put his head down, and apologized. I told him to go home, and we would talk tomorrow.

Now I don’t know what to do folks. I have zero sympathy for thieves. I have fired people for stealing lunches, for stealing product, for stealing supplies out of our janitor closet and restrooms. This is no different in my opinion. But I know how desperate dude is. He was next inline for a promotion. He is never late, he never calls in sick. I was actually trying to create a new position, so I can give him a raise. But this just killed all of that. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I am gonna say to him tomorrow. I guess I gotta just sleep on it, and tomorrow we shall see.


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