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Hopefully the regular readers of my blog remember Rich, The Grandmother Fucker. If not educate yourself HERE

Well Rich has been with his current girl for a few years now. They have a child together. Yes she knows about him fucking his grandma, shit she is the one that confirmed it for me over the phone. Well Rich has been sick for a couple of weeks now. Went from a flu, to a really bad cough, now he is telling me his nuts hurt when he coughs. So after several trips to the doctors they told him he had chlamydia. Now Rich claims to have not cheated on his girl. Which I know is bullshit. Him and his girl had separated a few months ago for a month. During that time he had a few different girls bring him lunch. But of course this was all his girls fault. So he made her schedule an appointment to the clinic and he went with her. SHE HAS CHLAMYDIA!!!! Of course he is blaming it on her, she is blaming it on him. I think it was Rich with the wrench in the library. But who knows?


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