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Here is another oldie but goodie.

So we had this youngster named Bobby. He was the brother inlaw to one of my better guys. He came on board and worked out great. Bobby hustled, and was able to move freight as fast as some of my vets. About a month in his brother inlaw moved to work day’s, leaving Bobby all alone 😦 .

Almost instantly Bobby went from my best guy to the worst employee. He got lazy, mouthy, and really fucking annoying. I had to have a talk with him, and let him know I noticed his change and reminded him of his 90 day probation. I guess it lit a fire under his ass, because he was back to his normal self.

Now Bobby was on board for 2 months and one of my faster guys. The thing was he was really cocky. He was good, and he let the other guys know it. So you have this young 19 year old kid who just came aboard and is out hustling you, and is being loud and obnoxious about it. Everyone kind of took sides, and Bobby didn’t have any friends.

Bobby was a bit over weight. About 5’6″ 310 lbs. Just a little. Now if I was that big, I wouldn’t be talking shit. I would have known what was coming. Well he liked talking shit. So I guess one day he is working and calling the other guys old and slow. One of the guys gets tired of him and throws a fat joke Bobby’s way. Right away Bobby walks to the restroom with his hands over his eyes.

Now I ain’t gonna lie. I was giggling. This pudgy mufucka is gonna talk all this shit, the minute someone says something to him he runs away ready to cry. But I had to see if he was okay, so I gained my composure and went to talk to him.

Now Bobby is in front of the restroom pacing back and forth breathing in and out really deep and heavy. I didn’t know if it was from the pacing or if he was upset. So I ask if he was alright. Bobby starts breathing heavier and goes to answer and tears start pouring down his face. Then he mumbles a sentence I couldn’t understand in between the heavy breathing and sniffling. Now at this point Bobby has turned into a 3 year old who just got spanked for acting like a fool in public. His breathing was so heavy, he has to catch his breath every few seconds, and tears are coming down his face. This grown ass man is crying over 1 fucking joke. It took everything I had not to break character. From what I could understand he asked for a few minutes to calm down.

Five minutes later he comes into my office apologizes for blowing up. He just said he hated when people made fun of him. So I asked why he was talking shit if he didn’t want anyone else to talk shit. Of course he had no answer. I told him to get back to work, I would talk to the guys and as long as he kept from throwing jabs at folks they would leave him alone.

So I had to talk to my whole fucking crew over this little pussy not being able to take a joke. Before I was even done talking to each guy 1 on 1, I heard that Bobby was out there talking shit again. dawson-crying.jpg

Now I know what some of you are thinking, awww maybe he has been made fun of his whole life for being overweight. Nah this kid was just a straight up BITCH! He broke down into tears 4 different times during his 5 month stay with the company. One of the times he was mad because he felt my lead wasn’t working hard enough. Another time because 2 guys came in late and it put the crew behind. The last 3 times were because we had to work over time and he was tired. God I am glad that little fucking vagina is gone.


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This is the 2nd post in my new home. The other is down there *points below*. But I came to wordpress because it had a few more options that blogger didn’t have. Plus I like the templates a lot better. Since I am not CSS savvy I am pretty much stuck with whatever they offer for free. But one of the new things I wanted to point out is the employees listing in the right column. Basically click that pull down menu and click on your favorite employee and it will bring up all of his stories. Thought it was a pretty cool feature. Anyways this is my new home, forget the other link place I will be deleting it within the next month.

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This is an older story, but it needs to be in the archives.

Three kids used to work in the warehouse Manny(19), Memo(19), and Raul(19). All best friends and all carpooled to work together everyday. They were all pretty good workers and really friendly with the other guys in the warehouse. They always wanted to go to the strip club. But the older guys on the crew had families and kids, and couldn’t spend their money on bullshit like the 3 teens could, since they still lived with their moms © Thirstin Howl The III.

So one night after work they couldn’t get anyone to tag along to the nudie bar, so they go alone. Next day they come back talking about we should have went, and that the strippers were putting out. *PAUSE* So Apparently for a small fee the 3 amigos were able to run a train on the stripper. Yep they paid for the pussy, and bragged about it. The worst part of it all is I was the only one disgusted by this. All the other guys were giving them props. Talking about they are gonna go with them next time. Call me crazy but I ain’t trying to run up in NO woman, while she is still warm from my boy running in here.

Best part is nobody used a condom. Sadly they don’t work here anymore my very first blog post was about them quitting. But I know this wasn’t the last time paid for pussy. I guarantee one of them has had to visit the clinic since they quit. So I guess the world may never know.

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