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well we got this guy at our warehouse named Bill. Bill is an older cat, 53 years old. He used to drive a bobtail for us. He ended up getting another job. But he came back to work in the warehouse part time at night for extra dough because his wife who is 24 went to Mexico to visit her family with their 2 year old daughter was not let back into the states because something was wrong with her paperwork. So she was stuck in Tijuana.

Poor Bill now had to start jumping through all these hoops so that he could get her back. One of the problems was she was caught trying to come into the states illegaly TWICE! They never told him before it would be a problem. But some where along the process getting caught held up some important paperwork.

Okay well Mrs. Bill has been back now for about 2 months. It took Bill about 4 months and $750 in paperwork fees to get her back. But now Bill is saying she is pregnant. She just found out, and she is 2 months pregnant. Now I know what you’re thinking, shit I was thinking the same thing. But I didn’t say shit to Bill. Well one of the knuckleheads in the warehouse said something to him, and Bill kind of laughed it off. But I think he might even suspect something. I mean c’mon, his wife is younger than his 2 older kids. She was gone for 4 months in Mexico. Now she comes back pregnant.

Well we have 7 more months before she gives birth to a baby that looks nothing like him, POSSIBLY. So for now the story ends here. But it may be continued at a later date. I sure hope he doesn’t end up on Maury. If he does end up on Maury, I hope he can dance.


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