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so so so its been a while since one of these knuckleheads went and did some stupid shit. Some of you might know about how rough its been here this past year. These guys have barely been getting 30 hours a week at best. They haven’t worked a full 40 since December. The company USED to pay for our benefits. Well they stopped that and make us pay, which is fine. Most companies do this, but they also dropped our Dental and switched to a different carrier and our Health is worse.  They also switched our schedule from Mon-Fri, to Mon-Thurs and Saturday. So 3 of the guys on my crew who had weekend jobs  now lost their weekend jobs because they cant work Saturday.

A lot of the guys in the warehouse have been struggling financially. Well looks like one of them decided to get a different kind of job. The grandmother fucker(Rich) runs his own warehouse. Apparently his cousin slangs. His cousin has been paying him to store the supply at his crib because he didn’t want the cops at his house. So for who knows how long he has been holding the product, and people have been going by his crib to pick up their orders. He didn’t show up for work yesterday. Today I got a call from his girl, and he is locked up. They raided the crib and found 1 key.

This explains a lot because his crib has been broken into 3 times in the last few months. He has told me about dudes watching him, his girl has called him at work scared cuz dudes are parked across the street watching the house. This guys just needs to log off of life. He has a son by his grandmother, him and his girl blew through 500k in lotto winnings in under a year, and now he has been arrested for slanging that yayo.

“just say no, just say no to drugs” © LA  Lakers


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