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I always like walking around the office and looking at how people decorate their cubicles. Usually you have pictures of kids, drawings your kids did, maybe a calendar with kittens, and some times you get cool action figures. I don’t spend much time in my cubicle, so I don’t have shit in it. I have a phone, my LCD, a sticky note pad, and that’s it. I have been meaning to pimp it out. Maybe throw a Dodgers calendar in there or something.

But take this cubicle below, it seems normal enough. She is representing her favorite football team. The standard school picture’s of her children. Looks like a few office memo’s hanging, can’t forget about the new covers for your TPS reports. Also what looks like literature or a crossword book for lunch time. Then what do we have here is that her bachelors degree?

Lets take a closer look.

Yep she has her good enough diploma displayed proudly for all to see. I mean hooray for her for going back to school and getting it done. But having the damn thing hanging in your office is not whats hot in the streets. Whats next your license plate making certificate from that 3 year bid you did up north?


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