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This is a really really old story. It has never been told before, I only remembered it because of the story from last week of the car catching on fire.

let this clip play while reading this story.

4 years ago back when I first started at my current job. I was there maybe 3 months. I was about 2 months away from running the show like I am today. I had this youngster named Derron. Derron lived all the way out in Compton. Our warehouse at the time was in Chino. For those of you who don’t live in Southern California thats about 45 miles. Now making that drive to be at work at 8am is about 2 hours long.

When I hired Derron I asked him if the commute would be a problem, he just wanted a chance. D told me that there were no good paying jobs where he lived so he came out this way, and was looking to move out here if everything went well. Fuck it. D seemed like a nice enough kid. I brought him on and he stayed true to his word. He was on time everyday, and was a damn good worker.

About 2 months into his employment D is running late. Its 20 or so after 8 and no D, no call, nothing. I know about his commute, and any little accident can fuck everything up. So no worries. Now its 9am and still not even a call. Now I am getting a little worried. Either he got tired of the drive and just decided to stop coming in, or he had car troubles. I give his house a call to see if he is home. His mom said he left for work at his normal time, I gave her my number and asked if she would let me know if she finds anything out. Now its coming on 10am and my phone rings. I answer expecting D’s mother. Its D!

me: you alright man?

D: sorry I’m not there, this is the first chance I had to call you. I am having car troubles.

me: thats cool man, thanks for the call. What happened?

D: my car caught on fire.

me: …WHAT?

D: my car caught on fire. I was on the freeway about 15 minutes from work, and black smoke started coming from my hood. So I pulled over to check it out. As soon as I popped the hood flames started shooting out.

me: …

D : so I went inside my car and grabbed a blanket and tried putting the fire out. Then someone pulled over and called 911. He had a few gallons of water in his car so we threw it on the fire.

me: you’re not supposed to put water on an oil fire!

D: I know now. It spread and the whole front end caught on fire. So I just walked away from the car, watched and waited for the fire department to get there.

me: *shaking my head*

D: anyways I’ll be at work in a few. I am having the tow truck drop my car off at work since we are so close already. The insurance adjuster will be out to look at it tomorrow, is that ok?

me: sure.

So D shows up about 20 minutes later and his car was burnt to a crisp. I guess the fire spread to the whole car. Poor kid, he had to quit because he no longer had a ride to get to work.



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