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so so so its been a while since one of these knuckleheads went and did some stupid shit. Some of you might know about how rough its been here this past year. These guys have barely been getting 30 hours a week at best. They haven’t worked a full 40 since December. The company USED to pay for our benefits. Well they stopped that and make us pay, which is fine. Most companies do this, but they also dropped our Dental and switched to a different carrier and our Health is worse.  They also switched our schedule from Mon-Fri, to Mon-Thurs and Saturday. So 3 of the guys on my crew who had weekend jobs  now lost their weekend jobs because they cant work Saturday.

A lot of the guys in the warehouse have been struggling financially. Well looks like one of them decided to get a different kind of job. The grandmother fucker(Rich) runs his own warehouse. Apparently his cousin slangs. His cousin has been paying him to store the supply at his crib because he didn’t want the cops at his house. So for who knows how long he has been holding the product, and people have been going by his crib to pick up their orders. He didn’t show up for work yesterday. Today I got a call from his girl, and he is locked up. They raided the crib and found 1 key.

This explains a lot because his crib has been broken into 3 times in the last few months. He has told me about dudes watching him, his girl has called him at work scared cuz dudes are parked across the street watching the house. This guys just needs to log off of life. He has a son by his grandmother, him and his girl blew through 500k in lotto winnings in under a year, and now he has been arrested for slanging that yayo.

“just say no, just say no to drugs” © LA  Lakers


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Hopefully the regular readers of my blog remember Rich, The Grandmother Fucker. If not educate yourself HERE

Well Rich has been with his current girl for a few years now. They have a child together. Yes she knows about him fucking his grandma, shit she is the one that confirmed it for me over the phone. Well Rich has been sick for a couple of weeks now. Went from a flu, to a really bad cough, now he is telling me his nuts hurt when he coughs. So after several trips to the doctors they told him he had chlamydia. Now Rich claims to have not cheated on his girl. Which I know is bullshit. Him and his girl had separated a few months ago for a month. During that time he had a few different girls bring him lunch. But of course this was all his girls fault. So he made her schedule an appointment to the clinic and he went with her. SHE HAS CHLAMYDIA!!!! Of course he is blaming it on her, she is blaming it on him. I think it was Rich with the wrench in the library. But who knows?

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you guys remember Tijo right? The guy who fucked his grandma and now has a son who is also his uncle?
If not you can read about him here.
Ok well Rich is making a second appearance. Today he comes in about an hour early to see me. We go into my office to talk. He has to take a medical leave of absence. Apparently he has had very bad pains in his back for a month or so, along with fever, and vomiting. He finally went to the doctors this week to have get checked out. he said he has 3 holes in his liver, because he drinks to much. Now Rich is 23 or 24 years old. So he is checking himself into rehab for alcohol so he can kick this shit before it costs him his life. Good move on his part, glad he actually cares enough to do something. I just couldnt believe his liver is on Mickey Mantle status when he isnt even 25 yet.
My guess is he has this:
How does ALD progress?There are three main stages of ALD, although the progression through these stages is variable. Examining a sample of the liver under the microscope from a biopsy gives the most accurate measure of the degree of liver damage.Minimal change, or fatty liver: heavy drinkers often develop fatty change in the liver. This is not linked to deterioration in liver function, but abnormalities may be seen in some of the blood tests that give an indirect measure of liver disease (also called ‘liver function tests’ or ‘LFTs’). Fatty liver is reversible with abstinence from alcohol, but it is the first stage in the progression to cirrhosis.Alcoholic hepatitis: the effects of this condition can be mild but may also be life threatening. The LFTs will almost always be abnormal, and the patient may develop jaundice. As with fatty liver, abstinence from alcohol can reverse the effects, but those who continue to drink heavily have a high risk of developing cirrhosis.Cirrhosis: this is the final, irreversible stage of ALD and is characterised by scarring of the liver and development of liver nodules. It severely affects liver function and reduces life expectancy. The LFT’s are usually abnormal, there may be jaundice (yellow colouring of the eyes and skin) and sometimes bruising or bleeding caused by abnormalities of the blood clotting system. In an advanced stage of ALD (severe alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis) the remaining liver capacity is insufficient for it to carry out its normal functions, then the body’s metabolism becomes badly affected and the stage of ‘decompensated ALD’ is reached. Complications of this are discussed below.

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This story is about 2 years old. But it was the story that got me to start writing this crap down. Names have been changed, to protect me.

All the guys are sitting around the break area eating lunch and talking shit. When nothing but guys work together for 40+ hours a week, the shit talking is non stop. One guy named Mike goes in on this other guy named Luis saying his girlfriend looks like his sister. So incest jokes start flying, and everyone lays into this kid. Lunch ends and everyone gets back to work. I am doing my normal walk on the floor, and I could still hear guys giving Luis a hard time.

I stop to talk to a new hire Rich. It was his second day of work, and I wanted to see how he was doing so far. We get to talking and right away tells me the incest jokes weren’t funny, and they really shouldn’t be giving Luis a hard time. Then asks if I could keep a secret.

And here we go, once upon a time not long ago…© Slick Rick

Well it turns out Rich grew up not knowing his mother. His dad raised him alone, his mother left them shortly after his birth. After Rich graduated high school he got curious and decided to look for his mother. He gets a hold of some of his mothers relatives, and ends up getting his mothers phone number. Rich calls his mother to break the ice, everything goes great. They continue with the phone calls for several weeks, building towards a meeting. So eventually his mother asks if he wanted to go over to her house, and they could meet face to face, Rich agrees.Rich drives to his mothers house and knocks on the door. His mothers room mate Irene answers the door, and lets Rich in. Irene tells Rich that his mother was on her way home from work. Rich tells Irene he is a friend of the family. Rich and Irene get friendly for a few minutes. Rich’s mother gets home, and Rich leaves with his mother to catch up. Rich and his mother end up meeting a few more times. Every time Rich seems to arrive to her house earlier and earlier to talk with her room mate Irene. Well after a few weeks of visits with his mother, and Irene. Rich ends up sexing up his mothers room mate. But they don’t tell his mother. This continues for a few months.Then on one visit Rich’s mother decides to drop a bomb on him. She lets him know that Irene her room mate is his mother, Rich’s grandmother. Now I know what your thinking. Why would a kid right out of high school want to bone an old lady. Apparently Rich’s mom left him and his dad because she had Rich at 14. Turns out her mother had her at 13. So Irene was only 27 when Rich was born, add 18 to that and you get 45. Before we go any further of course Irene is mexican.

Immediately after finding out this new news, Irene and Rich stop their extra activities. They never let anyone know about what they had been doing. Fast forward a couple of months later and Irene calls Rich to let him know she is pregnant. But she wants to keep the baby because she is a strict catholic, and abortion is a sin. *pause for laughter* So they keep the baby, and they tell Rich’s mother about what happened. His mother throws Irene out of the house, and wants nothing to do with Rich, again. So Rich tells his father, and asks if Irene could stay with them. His father throws him out of the house. Now you have Rich and his baby momma/grandmother homeless. They end up getting their own apartment, and Rich helped Irene through the pregnancy. The baby is 4 years old now, and they have never told him that his father is also his nephew, he doesn’t know his grandmother is also his sister.Now I know what you’re thinking. There is no way something this crazy actually happened. I called him on the story, told him it was a lie. So right in front of me, Rich grabs his cell phone and dials his current girlfriend. He tells her baby do I have a son? She says yeah. Who is his mom, she says Irene. He asks what his her relationship to me? She kind of sighs and doesn’t say anything. So he asks again, and she replies your grandmother. He had ZERO time to make up this stupidly insane story. Why he chose to share it with me after his 2nd day is beyond me. I have seen this baby momma/grandmother on a few occasions, and she is not an attractive lady. She doesn’t look her age, but she is definitely not an older lady I would be trying to smash. Rich is still working with me. I am still the only one who knows about him being a grandmother fucker.

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