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This story is brought to you by the letter

It’s been a long time © Rakim

Yes people I am back. It took a few months for this new batch of workers to start acting crazy. But like I tell everyone, all warehouses are the same.

Okay so a little background on the new gig. I supervise at the DC (distribution center) of a soon to be nation wide retailer. *keeps fingers crossed*

Anyway I have a lead, very nice guy. Married for 12 years with 4 kids. We will call him Brian.  Well Brian just started working at the warehouse. He has been with us for about a month.  One of the few married cats, and he seems really committed to his wife and family. A nice change of pace from the normal stories of mistresses and girlfriends that go around in most warehouses.

Well today my other lead was at one of our stores doing some training. We will call that lead Eric. Eric just happened to be at the store that Brian’s wife works at. During the visit he was catching up with an old friend who is now a salesman. Apparently a lady in the store has been trying to give the salesman a little bit of loving. Mr. Salesman even had the text messages to prove it, and the pictures!

I guess Mrs. Brian isn’t to happy in her marriage, and has been courting the salesman. Eric said he saw read a few texts from her asking the salesman out. He turned her down because he knew she was married. So she decided to send him some pictures to persuade him. He still said no. But he did show Eric, who then told him that her husband worked with us. So Eric comes back and tells me. I really could have been fine with out knowing this shit. But fuck it. We are both just gonna shut up and not say shit. But please believe we are waiting for this shit to blow up.


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